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Cork Carnival of Science June 22nd & 23rd

Key Event Information

“Cork Carnival of Science at Fitzgerald Park features non-stop, family-friendly experiments, interactive activities, garden games, street cuisine and a packed line-up of live demonstrations, big top shows, hands on workshops and entertainment.

Cork Carnival of Science

Cork Carnival of Science sets about creating and delivering a large public engagement event that will intertwine science, engineering and maths with playful learning in a fun, open and easily accessible environment. This two day spectacular is supported by Science Foundation Ireland and Cork City Council.

Participants include London Science Museum and W5 from Belfast, workshops by the Royal Society of Chemistry and Bubbly Maths, mobile classrooms from the Road Safety Authority and Wriggle with many more participants confirming weekly. Activities will include making slime, meeting live zoo animals, checking out the inner workings of robots and extracting DNA. Cork Carnival of Science will be the largest STEM engagement event in the region.


Contact Details:

Programming, content and general enquiries: Mervyn Horgan email: lifetimelab@corkcity.ie or call 021 4941500

Media and Advertising: CAMEO Communications email: info@cameo.ie or call 021 4294932

Event Contol: Triangle Productions email: info@triangleproductions.ie or call