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Learn it the providers of LEGO Education in Ireland return to Lifetime Lab with a series of LEGO summer camps filled with a variety of different science and engineering concepts explored through age and ability appropriate daily challenges.

Machines & Mechanisms Summer Camp (July & August) are suitable for children aged 9-12yrs and help students deepen their understanding of how forces can affect motion and explore concepts of energy. As they gain experence, students can build more complex mechanisms and use to make accurate observations, measurements and records; and even design their own solutions. During the camp students will predict, estimate, observe, measure, and record their investigations. In this way they exercise scientific inquiry skills, while experiencing physical science & technology first hand. More information

Junior Engineers Summer Camp (July & August) camps are a development of the very succesful Junior Engineers camps from previous years. The age ranges have been condensed to allow activities to be specifically aimed at children aged 6-8yrs. Learn it Junior Engineers camps focus on structural engineering with topics such as bridges, scyscrapers, pyramids and furniture being covered. Children will also have to freedom to create inventions of their own during the free play sessions throughout the week, using the skills that they'll learn to further their LEGO building skills. More information

Junior Robotics Summer Camp (July 10th - 14th) Perfect for introducing robotics to young children.The Junior Robotics Summer Camp is suitable for 6-9 year olds and encourages playful learning. Children design and build fun LEGO models with motors and sensors in stage one, then connect to a computer to bring the creation to life.  More details


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For more details on LEGO Summer Camps, LEGO Workshops, LEGO Events or school visits see http://www.learnit.ie/ or contact cork@learnit.ie or 021 2430000

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