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Tech Week 2017

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Celebrate "Tech Week" 2017 with Lifetime Lab and enjoy some special engineering themed workshops and events.

  • In the weeks surrounding Terh Week 2017 Cork primary schools may avail of a visit from MathsWorks Mobile, our hands on primary maths workshop using a series of games, puzzles and activities to encourage a multi-sensory approach to engaging primary maths.
  • Learn it, the only provider of LEGO Education services in Ireland bring two exciting tech based workshops to Lifetime Lab. WeDo Junior Robotics is suitable for 1st - 3rd Class  while Senior Robotics suits 5th & 6th. During both workshops children will discover Information and control systems, engage with Technology, Science, Engineering and Maths as well as Language and Literacy. Key Learning Values include how to work with simple machines using gears, levers, pulleys and transmission of motion while developing scientific enquiry skills. Develop core skills in communication, team building and problem solving. Investigate and work through observation, reasoning, prediction, reflection and critical thinking.
  • Primary schools children participate in hands on science investigations, our primary science workshops focus on the skills, concept development and content objectives of the SESE Science Curriculum. Throughout the design of the hands on workshops we are mindful the primary science activities presented would be modeled on and represent feasible classroom practice. Further information see Primary Science Workshop
  • For second level  “Exploristica - Adventures in Statistics” is available, Exploristica is an interactive exhibit, consisting of individual "video game" stations based on statistics and collation of data.

For more detilas contact our team at 021 4941500 or email lifetimelab@corkcity.ie


Tech Week provides hands-on opportunities to learn about how computing and related technology are shaping every area of life: education, health, environment, social interaction, leisure, citizenship ... the list never ends and the pace of change never stops.More information and a full list of events and activities is available at www.techweek.ie